Jensen G 610-B Triax Speakers

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You've stumbled upon one of the most rare and sought after pair of vintage Jensen G-610B speakers on this planet.
You are looking at a ULTRA RARE matched pair of 1950 Jensen G-610B Triaxial 15 inch speakers with the A-640 crossovers. This is a pair of speakers and many consider these to be one of the best. Note they are all built the same day and are mint cosmetically and sonically. We have tested them and the speakers sounds sweet and smooth with no noticeable distortion. Both the tweeter, mid and woofer function and the cone is free of damage. Look at the cables, controls, and speakers, they are all original. You may never see a rare matched pair of these on eBay ever again given the rarity of these drivers. Do a quick search on the internet and you will find more information on the legendary Jensen G-610B Triaxial speakers. The Jensen Model G-610B Triaxial 3-way Loudspeaker system is the result of years of Jensen research and intensive development. Reproduction is flawless, with smooth extended output at both ends of the spectrum and with uniformly wide angular coverage. The efficiency is so high that they can accommodate amplifiers of the lowest power rating. Distortion of all kinds is reduced to nearly nothing. This loudspeaker system reproduces music exactly as supplied to the system without coloring it. The incoming signal is divided at 600 cycles. The music component above 600 cycles is again divided at 4000 cycles and passes though a continuously variable level control (M-F balance control) to the mid range horn. This yields high efficiency, exceptionally smooth, low distortion in the important middle frequency range where the human ear is most critical. Above 4000 cycles is adjustable through another level control (H-F balance control) to the Jensen “super tweeter” which allows for reproduction to the upper limits of audibility. This is from Jensen: The G-610B has, by a considerable margin, the widest frequency range of any loudspeaker known. It is the first loudspeaker with efficient response in the upper cut-off region for the best ears. At 20,000 cycles it is down only 3 db from the 60 – 400 cycle average! The response is exceptionally smooth over the entire frequency range.
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